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Emerald Coast Interview Consulting can provide the winning edge to help you successfully negotiate the challenging interview process. Emerald Coast Interview Consulting offers a proven approach that has earned our clients an unmatched success rate. In fact─we offer an industry unique guarantee─if you are not successful in your interview, you get a full refund*. How can we offer our money back guarantee? Because we have a PROVEN track record getting clients hired!

What makes Emerald Coast Interview Consulting  unique?

   Results! Since 2002, we have helped over 3000 clients successfully navigate interviews at major and regional airlines, pharmaceutical sales, medical schools, graduate schools, insurance firms, beauty pageants, and political races. We provide rock solid communications training that you can put into action, and our success rates speak to our effectiveness.

   Confidence! If you are not successful in your interview, you don't pay.

   Accountability! Unlike other services, our faces and names are not hidden or buried in the fine print. We are proud of our counselors, our product, and our success rate.

   Experience! Our team has a tremendous amount of experience in a wide range of pursuits in the aviation, education, political, and business arenas. The diversity of our teams experience means we know how to best help you answer questions based on your particular background and experience. Ask us for references! We have literally thousands of satisfied clients that can vouch for the quality of our services.

   Commitment! There are no hidden fees with us, or "per hour" charges. We are available for you all the way through the interview process. If you have questions, you can call us anytime. Once you attend one of our seminars or phone courses, you are welcome to attend any follow-up events at no additional charge. We pride ourselves on our availability to our clients, and we like clients who strive to prepare early.

   Quality! We teach effective communication, period. What that means is we are training you to think and communicate effectively on your feet during the stress of an interview, and how to most effectively sell your strengths and qualifications. We don't teach canned answers, and we won't turn you into a clone or diminish your own individuality. Instead, we prepare you using a systematic and dynamic approach to tackle the interview process that will lead to your ultimate success.



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